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#13: Hermès umbrella

Could the strict suited-and-booted attire of the classic British gentleman be considered a fetish? Perhaps for the French - and just as the fashionable Français were seized with Anglomania in the late eighteenth century, it seems Jean Paul Gaultier has a passion for all things British, at least judging by his latest collection for the esteemed French house of Hermès. His collection fairly heaved with bowler-hats and pin-perfect Savile Row-worthy overcoats - and, of course, the tightly-furled umbrella, a stalwart without which no city boy could be considered properly dressed. Gaultier's twist? Imagine that ever-practical accoutrement reinvented in priceless crocodile and with a 'Mini Kelly' trussed to the handle. A visual and analytical treat, this poshest of all parapluies is fitting fodder for our latest Object Fetish analysis.


  1. someonegreat
    12:11 23 Jul 2010
    I'm a lady, so I won't tell you what I'd be willing to do to bag one of these. But it isn't pretty.
  2. hudson
    18:01 23 Jul 2010
    This is an utterly ridiculous item of 'fashion'. It sums up everything people hate about the industry.
  3. Boog
    20:23 14 Sep 2011
    There are no words to desrcbie how bodacious this is.