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200 Portraits Day Five - Lady Gaga Video Portrait Now Online!

Click here to view Day Five
After packing almost fifty portraits into the first four days of his shoot for the 30th anniversary edition of i-D magazine, Nick Knight chose to expound his energies on day five on a single sitter. Then again, when that sitter is Lady Gaga, twenty-first century icon of music and fashion, the results were never going to be less than mesmerising. This week's exclusive video portrait brings that singular i-D editorial, cover-shoot and of course its star, to life.

Each Wednesday at 15:00 BST, will launch a new selection of video portraits captured on a specific date, the series as a whole documenting not only this ground-breaking live shoot but a slice of twenty-first century popular culture.


  1. leonor
    15:42 8 Sep 2010
    Fabuleux !! Shes soo beautiful!
  2. Mikhell
    15:55 8 Sep 2010
    what a gorgeous creature.
  3. JaniceThach
    22:14 10 Sep 2010
    The photographs are spectacular. Lady gaga is exquisite.
  4. BlackRoseofDeath
    08:19 11 Sep 2010
    i love this women
  5. Mikhell
    00:12 13 Sep 2010
    did anybody read the camille paglia piece about gaga in the times today? i think paglia just came off like a bitter and angry madonna fan. what a sad and pointless piece of writing.
  6. KaWai
    02:58 14 Sep 2010
    It's all very good-but-something is missing-every subject seemed ready to have their portraits taken. I want to see moments of the person being photographed feeling uncomfortable-that's part of portrait sitting too, no?
  7. la
    07:57 14 Sep 2010
    yes I completeley agree Paglia just missed the point , contradicted her own views and overall made herself look stupid.
    This piece by Alex Needham in the Guardian says it so much better.
  8. Loyalty
    06:30 20 Feb 2012
    Lorraine Marie - Sharon I'm so glad you eynjoed this sneak peak! I look forward to seeing you again soon to show all the images of your lovely family. Blessings!
  9. BoomAlexs
    17:57 1 Jul 2012
    One of the best photoshoots ever.