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200 Portraits Day Three Now Online!

Click here to view Day Three
This week we launch our latest selection of video portraits captured by Nick Knight live on 3 December 2009 during the ground-breaking shoot of his latest portrait series for the 30th anniversary issue of i-D magazine.

Sitters immortalised in video this week include Amber Le Bon, Charlie Le Mindu, Christopher and Tammy Kane, Dominic Jones, Gary Card, Gemma Slack, Jeanette, Judy Blame, Leona Lewis, Louise Gray, Luigi Murenu, Riccardo Tisci, Roksanda Ilinic and Susanne Oberbeck of No Bra.

Each Wednesday at 15:00 BST, will launch a new selection of video portraits captured on a specific date, the series as a whole documenting not only this ground-breaking live shoot but a slice of twenty-first century popular culture.


  1. someonegreat
    14:41 27 Aug 2010
    I really love this series already. It's amazing how each one managed to have its own defined and distinct character, just like the photographic portraits. Stellar.
  2. ZoeHitchen
    21:40 27 Aug 2010
    What a fantastic video portrait of Judy Blame! It has got to be one of my favourites. This is such an incredible series and I can't wait to see more.
  3. Courtney
    13:14 18 Feb 2012
    Way to go Peaches..womenhair that which teptms the poor uncontrollable downtrodden men in our societies so much so that some of us must eradicate its sight from their eyes protect THEM from their own urges..Rub it right in their fucking faces..