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Project Launch

In partnership with the scent artist Sissel Tolaas, SHOWstudio is launching a groundbreaking initiative to create a fragrance on the Internet. Based on a provocative concept yet to be announced and currently in the process of copyrighting, the scent will be created over the coming months, taking its inspiration from the theme and activities of a controversial subculture and using Tolaas’ amazing ‘headspace’ technology.


  1. SanderSteins
    10:49 5 Apr 2007
    It sounds very interesting to see the development from a scent based on a visualization of a provocative concept. I am curious how this all will blend together in the near future!
  2. GalileosUniverse
    16:36 5 Apr 2007
    ....sounds stirring and spellbinding.....merging the senses in such original way....
  3. la
    22:25 8 Apr 2007
    Such a refreshing perspective on the sense of smell.As it is one of our most powerfull senses,think how quickly and deeply you can be transported to another moment in your life just by smelling something,it has always amazed me that we are fed such boring fragrences by the perfume companies and designers.It is the equivalent of a constant diet of junk food and sickly sweets.I can't wait to see how this project develops.Thanks SHOWstudio for yet again daring to do new things.
  4. VikramKansara
    19:25 19 Apr 2007
    Love the way this project harnesses the collective power of the Internet. My agency and I are about to launch an initiative for American Express that taps into a similar ethos. It's called The Members Project.
    Here is the preview url and write-up:
    The Members Project is a groundbreaking initiative that brings American Express Cardmembers together to do something good for our world. Starting May 15, join fellow Cardmembers to dream up, and ultimately unite behind, one incredible idea. On August 7, American Express will fund it with up to $5 million. Will you adopt a village in India? Help rebuild New Orleans? Or bring organic lunches to local schools? The possibilities are endless. The decision is yours.