by Penny Martin .

Comme des Garcons

You usually get a one-or-two-word concept out of the Comme House to explain what the collection was about (for instance, Junya's was 'the origins of Africa' this morning, so disregard all talk of Chanel and treat as a fashionable red herring). Apparently Rei Kawakubo would give no verbal clue as to the origins or meaning of this afternoon's S/S presentation, however. But if I were to be so bold (and impolitic) as to impersonate Kawakubo San, I would hazard a guess at 'Frills'. For they were everywhere, from the neon pink two piece that opened the show, to the knee-length ra-ra skirts that were spilling out of printed house coats or the ruffles down deconstructed knickerbockers that looked almost like suspender straps holding the cuffs up. Best of all were the polka-dotted sequins, which added a perversely glam twinkle, amid a riot of colours and a jumble of fun ideas.

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  1. keis
    04:55 3 Oct 2007
    make things pretty are much more easy than make things ugly.
    its ugly but pretty.
    so-called abstraction.