by Nick Knight .

Thank You

I just want to extend a very heartfelt thank you to all the people who sent scripts in, submitted political slogans or phoned in to the 24 HOUR broadcast. I don't know how it felt from your side, but for myself it was one of the most exciting projects that I have undertaken. Thank you all.
I have a very strong belief in using fashion as a medium for political dicussion and this project not only helped to underpin SHOWstudio's continuing desire to explore that, but was a forerunner of larger projects on that topic that we hope to launch later this year.


  1. simon.foxton
    01:05 19 Jul 2007
    Good !
    But let's not just make it consent.
    Dialogue and dissent is essential to debate.
    Very exciting .
  2. sdkbos
    02:02 19 Jul 2007
    And thank you for the mixing of ideas. It was great to see my treatments mixed in with those from other viewers. The more unpredictable the more exciting perhaps? Very nice echo effect. Look forward to seeing more in the future.
  3. mamoruK
    13:45 19 Jul 2007
    I am honoured. Super on this side.
    19:54 19 Jul 2007
    fantastic job
  5. st.valentine
    22:10 19 Jul 2007
    And i can't wait to see the results!
  6. JereV
    07:14 21 Jul 2007
    Indeed. It was exciting & still is...
    Great work from you Nick, Penny & the whole posse. Plus ofcourse the others who took part of this in form of treatments etc.
  7. EveryonesWaiting
    01:38 24 Jul 2007
    Does anybody have the Gwen Stefani 'Love Angel Music Baby' PDF's 1-16? If you do, could you email them to me at Thanks heaps in advance!
  8. danielaTo
    02:12 24 Jul 2007
    it feels so good to be thanked.
    Thank YOU for the chance, it felt great on this side.