by Alexander Fury .

Going, going, gone.

As our 'Wonderland' shoot draws to a close, our water tanks of dye (and the polymer on Alice's face) are all that remain of three of Helen Storey's groundbreaking outfits.


  1. TorErik
    02:53 29 Mar 2008
    this is the best live broadcats i've seen here on showstudio EVER
    maybe because of the fact that this is REALLY magic and cause I can hear that all folks you in that fancy studio in London being just as amazed as "we", sitting here on our mac-books
    I was jumping up and down and shouting too my roomate: "come and see, look! her jacket dissovle like paint!" and it was a little bit of magic on a rather ordinary friday here in Oslo
    thank you Helen, Nick and all you assistanse.
    You made my, well, week!
  2. TorErik
    12:07 29 Mar 2008
    obs, I see that I went in here drunk last night...well, it's still true ;-)
  3. HelenS
    14:54 29 Mar 2008
    thank you Tor,
    it was an amazing day. strange and wonderful when so many creative people, creative in so many different ways, are stunned into a collective silence. I shall remember it for a long time to come. so glad some of the magic came across on screen too.
    all the best
  4. nickknight
    16:14 29 Mar 2008
    Dear Tor Erik,
    thank you so much .Helens' ideas and the clothes were amazing to photograph and Alice Dellal is really inspirational to work with , but It is always so rewarding to get feedback like this. Thank you for taking the time to pass on your feelings,you would be amazed how great it feels when people comment so enthusiastically on our projects.
    kind regards,