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2 Bottle Jump

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Recently saw this new band called two bottle jump. They have a great sound and an amazing stage presence. They are 4 friends who cant work a computer so sadly wont be making crunking garage beats. Their just getting started but I feel like they are definately the ones to watch in 2013. I cant wait to see them again at Power Lunches in Dalston on the 23rd.


  1. Jack Norman
    03:52 12 Jan 2013
    They sound SIK
  2. Sasha
    02:11 28 Jan 2013
    I saw this band at the power lunches and they were a pile of shit
    definitely do not recommend!
    the lead singer is absolutely in love with himself and the whole sound is extremely unimaginative

  3. 16:46 4 Mar 2013
    totally enjoyable
  4. Larry
    10:37 13 May 2013
    Yes Sasha, why the hate?