by Roddy Lumsden .


Here's the draft of my sing-song, list poem, a mixture of plant lore, flower names and derivations and assorted images of flowers, both bitter and sweet. I'll probably add some tabs to the layout, but here's the basic text for now.


Open answer. Last of winter.
Wand of heaven. Scented bower.
Serpent shifter. Honey twister.
Mother's tonic. True and sour.

Promise tester. Blade of Easter.
Fairy cradle. Pharaoh's balm.
Letter spicer. Cupid's saucer.
Cossack turret. Talisman.

Hornet trapper. Beetle ladder.
Summer journey. Silken purse.
Poison supper. Nodding sleeper.
Bridal limelight. Star from tears.

Turning colours. Tongues of copper.
Thief of curses. Liar's rose.
Lion calmer. Million seller.
Seeker's token. Sweet year's close.

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  1. GalileosUniverse
    07:37 13 Dec 2007
    Poetry when beautifully written it seems to have the magic of putting the essence of being in true perspective ... and what I'm reading so far feels pure in feelings not only because of the power of the words chosen but because also of the beauty and elegancy of how it flows in between the senses .... really cool !
    .....anyway at least to me ! :):)