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Project Launch

We are pleased to present Coming Soon comprising two films courtesy of photographer and film director Max Vadukul, showcasing garments from Yohji Yamamoto's second line for Autumn/Winter 2008-9 and Spring/Summer 2009. Choosing to present the collection over the internet through motion image, the two films enlist the talents of Yamamoto's long-time collaborator Max Vedukul, choreographers Rachel Lopez de la Nieta and Ben Hash and dancers Laura Wheatley and Robin Dingemans.


  1. la
    07:26 9 Dec 2008
    Beautiful cinematography.
    I love the way the black and white of the garments seem really pure in the first film.
    Great to see Max Vadukuls' work in this medium. Does anybody know which other films he has done?
  2. dromedary
    14:10 9 Dec 2008
    i didnt realise he had made
    I always picture his portraits of people in the New Yorker when I think of him!