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Project Launch

Following Monday night's spectacular opening of 'Hats: An Anthology' at the Victoria & Albert museum, we are proud to present Hats Off, our very own tribute to millinery extraordinaire Stephen Jones. Created in collaboration with the V&A, our multi-layered project incorporates revelatory interviews with the key exhibition's key players, a gallery of set designer Michael Howells' working drawings and a mesmerising interactive panorama of the exhibition.

'Hats: An Anthology' runs until 31st May at the Victoria and Albert museum.


  1. CharlieStrand
    15:17 25 Feb 2009
    This sounds great! I love Stephen Jones' creations.
  2. la
    20:54 25 Feb 2009
    Can't wait to go.
    The best time is on Friday evening,(as the VnA stay open late on Fridays) to avoid the huge amount of people who i bet will go and see this exhibition.