by Roddy Lumsden .


I'm plotting a poem which will mirror the set-up of the 35 cameras in the circle by using 35 lines in a circle. I've been trying to find four motto-like phrases which I can place on the four radii - two proclamatory ones and two more lyrical / organic. Then I will work from one towards the next motto, making changes. I'm getting stuck, so I'll let the idea stew and will return to it tomorrow.

In the meantime, I've started another piece with a floral theme. I was reading that the plant camomile takes its name from the apple smell of its leaves, and thought of a possible poem with a 'you, who did this and did that' construction. I jotted down a couple of lines, and a while later added to them, only to notice I had inadvertently set up a rhymed quatrain pattern - making it harder work than necessary! Now I must decide whether to stick with the form or unstitch and be more free. Back to work - but here is the draft of the beginning:

You who grew where the horse trod,
where the apple smashed,
who shot up straight where the river sloshed
and rolled, who rose from blood...