by Nick Knight .

3D Scanning

3D scanning has been a central theme of SHOWstudio's content and vision.
I have been creating sculpture from 3D scans for at least the last decade and working with an amazing man, Kev Stenning, from Rapido 3D who can push the parameters of this new medium further than one could imagine.
I have scanned, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Lady Gaga, Liberty Ross, and Daphne Guinness to name just a few.
Our second project to ever launch on the fledgling SHOWstudio was called Sweet and was 3D scans of Jane Hows recreation of her favourite pieces from the collections recreated completely from sweet wrappers.
I fell in love with this new way of creating imagery, that combined scanning and photography, but looked like nothing I had ever seen before.
The 3D scan showed the model as a surface as if they were egg shells delicate and precise.
What I loved most was that the scanner could not tell if a reflection was a solid object and wether that object was coming towards it or receding away from it.
Confusing the computer became a game and I indulge in as often as I can, and confusing this one made it create forms that followed a logic unknown to anything I had seen.
The result is beautiful.
Models that fragment and tear, twist like the metal of a tin can and inhabit space in an entirely new way.
All glorious.
The next project on the new SHOWstudio was JWalk,  a project investigating Motion capture.
Mo Cap as it is referred to, involves putting a person in a special suit where every articulating part of the body is attributed a small reflective disk and the information from those disks is captured and used to create lifelike human movement. Often used to represent lifelike fighting in video games.
However, I put J Alexander in a motion capture suit and captured his "Naomi Campbell walk".
J Alexander , for those who don't know, is the go-to man to teach the latest 'just discovered working behind the tills in a supermarket' and now Stephen Meisel's latest Vogue Italia favorite, girl to glide and not stomp down the Paris runways.
He is also the wonderful cross dressing presenter in Americas Next Top model.
And at the time it was my desire to combine both the 3D scans from Sweet and the motion capture of JWalk to create a virtual model.
SHOWstudio is the laboratory for new ideas, however some ideas take longer than others to come into reality and not just stay in my mind.
13 years later and many, many 3D scanning projects later, I have at last managed to create my first virtual model.
She is, in fact, the wonderful Ming Xi, one of the most brilliant models I have worked with, and the campaign is for the Chinese Store Lane Crawford.