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Tomorrow's portraits...

Jedward have just left the Live Studio here at Somerset House - and we've also just received confirmation of tomorrow's star-studded sitting list! Tomorrow's roster includes photographers Alice Hawkins and Sami Knight, gender-blending icons Boy George, Tasty Tim and Lady Lloyd, Coco Sumner, James McArdle, Jop Van Bennekom and Charlie Porter of Fantastic Man, Kim Norda, Luke 'Ginger Kid', Mavi Stanio, stylist Panos Yiapanis, milliner Philip Treacy and the exquisite Susie Bick. Join us again from 11:00 GMT for all the live thrills and spills. Meanwhile, today we soldier on with Selfish Cunt's Martin Tomlinson taking centre-stage!


  1. CharlieStrand
    18:12 7 Dec 2009
    Great! Did I miss Nick shooting Mert&Markus or is that yet to come?
  2. Silvia
    06:58 12 May 2013
    Oh, I think you would enjoy the first two James Herriot delightful! I've laheugd harder than I've ever laheugd in those books, and cried But I believe the 3rd had some language.Watership Down is amazing. Beautiful and insightful. I'd put it up there with Lord of the Rings. It's not really appropriate for young children, but about 12 and up probably. Don't watch the cartoon though it's horrifying But the book ah, you would love it!