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The final shot

Just in case you were wondering what number we actually reached in our 100 Portraits project, this final shot of Nick Knight himself marks #200, captured at 19:41 on this, our seventeenth day of shooting here at Somerset House. Our live stream is now complete, but the video portraits captured from each of the sitters will be showcased on during 2010, leading up to the publication of the 30th anniversary edition of i-D magazine.


  1. leonor
    22:25 20 Dec 2009
    well done! All looks fantastic I cant wait for id to come out! So glad Riccardo Tisci was include hes the most influencial designer in the world so glad to see him!
  2. CharlieStrand
    17:47 21 Dec 2009
    Congratulations on a remarkable project! Such a wide range of subject, I'm looking forward to the issue of ID they are being featured in.
    To Nick and the rest of SHOWstudio - Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!
  3. marinamac
    18:38 21 Dec 2009
    The live streams are so genuinely interesting.
  4. GalileosUniverse
    22:50 21 Dec 2009
    Totally FANTASTIC!
  5. GalileosUniverse
    22:50 21 Dec 2009
  6. GalileosUniverse
    22:51 21 Dec 2009
    Absolutely FANTASTIC ...!
  7. ChrisSummerfield
    09:43 22 Dec 2009
    Well done.
    I will look forward to seeing it all in print in the new year also. Merry Christmas and a big thank you to you all
  8. PeterPhillips
    11:31 22 Dec 2009
    Bravo! Fashion Rocks.
  9. SAKIS
    01:24 25 Dec 2009
    *Smile* Throughout the shoot i kept thinking to myself , " Nick Should be in there somewhere." It's healthy for the photographer to get shot by his own camera sometimes.