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New fashion film launched

One small step for man, one giant leap for menswear! Our latest fashion film is aptly titled RE-BEL, created as it is in collaboration with one-half of British menswear's new agents provocateurs, Jaiden rVa James. Fresh from their first catwalk turn as part of London's MAN showcase in February, Jaiden James and Rasharn Agyemang launched RE-BEL, a free 'fashion fanzine' distributed throughout London Fashion Week whose aim is, in their own words, to champion a new wave of artists. The first issue embraces technology old and new, as the papery newsprint copies are accompanied by a wealth of online experimentation, not least this laser-lashed fashion film created by filmmaker and photographer Pierre Debusschere, with Agyemang's hand behind the styling. Literally out of this world. Grab a copy while you can!

Click here to view film