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Work in progress...

So, work is finally under way down here at Ed's studio in Hackney Wick. Ed and his team have picked up where they left off yesterday, cutting hefty lengths of thick leather and sanding them down ready to be glued together. Things are getting dusty and the glue is heady and potent, but we'll perservere through this hazy period and keep you updated with what happens down here.

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  1. Olga
    10:35 8 Apr 2013
    But government can’t pobsisly play a positive role in the economy, can it Nicholas? No, it can't. The blog post you cite illustrates why. The two towns in his study of the economic effects of the bullet train, Montabaur and Limberg, were chosen not for economic considerations, but for political ones. When politicians or bureaucrats are making decisions as to where to invest or how to invest, they almost always are influenced by the politics of their situation. Thus, they tend to make poor economic decisions, and you end up with Solyndra or The Volt, autocompanies taken over and the people who made bond purchases as an investment screwed, while union pensions, health plan benefits and pay scales are protected or even enhanced. Very creepy. So Montabaur and Limberg received stations along the High Speed Rail line, slowing down transit between Cologne and Frankfurt. But the two towns did see a modest increase in their economies. Towns with rail stations tend to have greater economic activity. So why not place stations in all towns between Cologne and Frankfurt? Well, that just wouldn't work out would it? And how much did it cost to place the HSR line and station in Limberg? How might those funds have been put to use if they had been left in the hands of the people in the economy, where decisions are not made out of political considerations, but out of laudable self interest? Much better I would say. But hey, you all in Britain are a lot farther down this road then we are, so its to you we must hope for good luck!