by Val Garland .

VAL GARLAND: New York Fashion Week

James Cochrane Vogue UK photographer seen at every backstage, currently loving 'This is England 86'. On BBC 4 .... As am I .... Okay, I was going to rattle on about backstage beauty BUT THERE IS A FASHION DRAMA !!! All hair and make up beware!!! There are thieves backstage at the lincoln centre!!! When I went into line up some sodding ****ard stole my Chanel handbag!!! CHANEL ! Credit cards, money, Hermes wallet, Chanel make up bag and make up, Chanel Sunglasses .... My book I was reading this morning ' The History Of Love'. Well I definitely do not have patience now! How can I be taken seriously as a 'Fashion' person without de rigueur shades? How can I shop without plastic ... How will I survive? Seriously ... the most important thing in my bag was a photograph of me and my mother taken a couple of years ago just before she passed away ...