by Val Garland .

VAL GARLAND: New York Fashion Week

Okay, a thought. ... Why is there not CCTV backstage at The Lincoln Centre? They have security staff ... Well, that's working really well ... The reception staff at hotel asked how was I enjoying my stay in NYC so far ... IT'S FINE ! Was my reply, rather hysterically .... A fire the other day and now robbed!! Oh so fashion ....


  1. la
    14:26 14 Sep 2010
    What did you have stolen Val?
  2. la
    14:31 14 Sep 2010
    Sorry, I have just come across your earlier blog and that is very a poor show!
    Theft is always such an injustice.
    When I was burgled I just felt so angry at the basic fact that it is wrong.
    You have all my sympathy.