by Marian Newman .


Me and my friend Sam

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  1. Amy
    21:59 2 Sep 2013
    it, because I tuhgoht that I was alone. Friends and people I know from my LCS praise this piece of crap like It is the event of the year our something. Since issue 3 I have stopped picking it up. If marvel now wasn't coming soon I was about to stop picking up Marvel all together.Topic Suggestion: The suggestion is what if you had a title, any title from any publisher, and you got to tell the story for yourselves what would it be? Me i've always wanted to see a story with batman and him being broke, like working at mikey D's kind of broke. Could bruce be batman without his infinite resources? Also I want to see some team ups with jason todd and any batgirls, it's just some thing that never comes up that should.