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Nick Knight, OBE

All the team here at would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our director Nick Knight, who today received his OBE from Her Majesty the Queen at Buckingham Palace, in recognition of services to art. A wonderful and very timely acknowledgement of Nick's incredible career to date, we couldn't be more pleased for Nick or proud and honoured to have the opportunity to work so closely with him here at A heartfelt and sincere congratulations from each and every one of us, Nick.


  1. CharlieStrand
    18:13 5 Oct 2010
    Fantastic! Great news.
    Thanks for creating SHOWstudio to share all these wonderful project too!
  2. hannah
    23:27 5 Oct 2010
    if I were the queen of Sheeba I'd also give him a medal!
    Well deserved indeed .. congratulations! :)
  3. ChrisSummerfield
    11:24 6 Oct 2010
    Well done Nick. As mentioned before, you are an inspiration to everyone in the creative field. The service that you give back to the world of art, is of great value across the world. All the best and many thanks. Have a great future ahead. chris
  4. MsBlioux
    22:23 6 Oct 2010
    Your photographic work and your work with SHOWstudio has made me want to contribute and become a better artist. Congratulations Nick!
  5. joanneK
    23:20 6 Oct 2010
    Well deserved !
  6. petemoss
    23:23 6 Oct 2010
    Congratulations Nick, just looking at your 200 people portraits and they look as fresh as the ones all those years ago. You haven't lost your touch at all.
  7. Fox
    23:33 6 Oct 2010
    Congratulations Nick!
  8. Marian
    15:10 7 Oct 2010
    Congratulations Nick! I hope you all enjoyed the day
  9. KaWai
    16:28 7 Oct 2010
    Congratulations Nick.
  10. ThomasH.Opitz
    00:34 14 Oct 2010
    Wonderful to see your amazing creativity acknowledged!
    Best Regards