by SHOWstudio .

#4: Loewe shoes

The fetishistic appeal of the high-heeled shoe is much-known and admired (simply type into and take your pick of peccadillos), but the fashion-fetish appeal of these Loewe shoes is another thing entirely, hence they are the subject of our latest Object Fetish film. Drawing reference points - witting or otherwise - from Surrealism, Louis XIV and the very bourgeoisie they seek to épater, they are a prime example of the work of firm favourite Stuart Vevers. Vevers is dedicated to reconsidering modern concepts and preconceptions of luxury - he has spray-painted intricately woven leather, created a crocodile bag in the shape of a bunch of bananas and crafted solid silver into a record case too heavy to lift. These shoes continue in the grand (and terribly British) tradition of thumbing one's nose at the establishment: how better to deflating luxury's more precious pretensions than have your models tread across priceless fox fur? The price? well, priceless - or as the fashion industry shtick goes, 'from a selection'…

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