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New Project Launched

The second project of the new regime - Liberty Ross's project- is now open. Click the 'attractor' picture of Liberty at the top of the page or on the 'click to view this project' link below to reveal all. As with Simon's project, the piece has several components, many of which are yet to evolve. For now, though, we have a new 'ask Liberty' section, where each day the model will answer one of your questions from her LA residence. Although 'Dress Me Up, Dress Me Down' is taking the overall theme of 'control', Liberty makes no stipulations: ask her whatever you like! This activity joins existing elements including the pre-production meeting, the project brief and relevant blog entries.

Coming soon are film clips documenting Liberty's 'life on-set' over the past five years and a new video project of the model's making. Also an exciting new downloadable garment (can't say who but it's good)!! Oh, and we have a new date for the live event: not too specific though - between the 28th and 30th June.