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80 scripts and still counting...

A recent count shows us that viewers have sent 80 scripts for the project so far with every one of the 24 scenarios having accrued at least one attempt. We are still looking for more – look at what's already there and see if you can do better.


  1. nickknight
    21:27 4 Jul 2007
    I have been reading through the scripts submitted so far and some are very good indeed.
    However from my side of things I would urge you to make your scripts and proposed scenes as visually exciting as you can.Please think about the spectacle as well as the story and dialogue.
    I don't know if this will help but I have been watching the films of Maya Deren for inspiration on this project(easy to find on YOUTUBE) and I am also drawing alot from filmstills I have from Jean Luc Godard.
    Rive Gauche and Saint Laurent have always had a special place in my mind as I lived in Paris in 1967 and rember vividly the growing unrest on the streets that led to the 68 riots .These memories are interspersed with memories of my mother dressed in Rive Gauche attending cocktails at Nato where my father was in the diplomatic service.Somehow the juxtaposition of these different memories have often fuelled by images.
  2. vertgazon
    22:20 5 Jul 2007
    To ShowStudio, I submitted a treatment for Scene 2: 09:00 — Room Service, and it is incorrectly credited to another person.
    My treatment starts out as: "Light knocks are tapped against the solid oak of the hotel door and the model rises from the plush chair she is sitting on to answer the door."
    It is credited to Jere V, but it's actually mine. My name is Tina Jiang. Please correct this mistake. Thank you!
  3. PaulBruty
    07:45 6 Jul 2007
    Sorry about that Tina. I've fixed it.
  4. csellars
    11:49 6 Jul 2007
    I also had my scene for wake up call credited to another person. I have posted it again .... mine should be the one that begins with the rainbows on the cieling. My name is Catherine Sellars. You have accidently credited it to Roman LA. I did not post the treatment which begins ... The room phone rings.
  5. PaulBruty
    11:52 6 Jul 2007
    That's fixed too.
  6. csellars
    13:28 6 Jul 2007
    Thank you for sorting that ... brilliant. Sorry to have used this area of the forum to mention it.
  7. PaulBruty
    13:31 6 Jul 2007
    No problem, that's what it's here for.
    I've just posted some more by the way, including some of yours.
  8. farrah
    19:27 6 Jul 2007
    Hey Paul,
    I wrote my odd little script all in sequence from beginning to end, but none of my scenes have posted after Act 1, scene 5. Perhaps you're only posting some of the scenes, but in case it was a computer error, I thought I'd let you know.
  9. PennyMartin
    20:14 6 Jul 2007
    Hi Farrah, I'll do a double check for you but I think I only remember yours -those Rhodesian Ridgebacks, right?!- in the first act. Let me have a little look around the 'back end' of the site for you...
  10. PaulBruty
    23:38 6 Jul 2007
    Thanks for the tip-off Farrah, I've posted them now.
    Yes, we had a little technical mishap earlier but all's fixed now.
  11. farrah
    22:29 7 Jul 2007
    I promise I'll stop thinking about this now, but it's so much fun. Anyway, I sent you another daydream - all in shadows - and another movie - "the movie is everywhere"... Enjoy.
  12. farrah
    17:59 8 Jul 2007
    Okay, I did one more. "The Wrong Place" now has a floor covered in a thin layer of black water...