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Cafe Concert: Oh Land
Live stream tomorrow at 12:30 GMT

Our Café Concert series continues tomorrow at 12:30 GMT when singer/songwriter Oh Land will join us at SHOWstudio Shop for a live stream not to be missed. The talented Dane will perform a stripped-down set of her dream-like electropop with a variety of instruments.

Inspired by the musical tradition of the Café Chantant that enlivened the cultural sphere of belle époque Paris and London, this latest series in turn hopes to activate our own gallery space in a similar way. Cult London talent Patrick Wolf inaugurated the series with a unique acoustic performance - the video playlist of his hour-long set is now available to view in our Café Concert project. London singer Jade Williams, performing under the name Sunday Girl, will close this week's programming on Friday.


  1. Birdie
    08:34 4 Dec 2011
    I really couldn't ask for more from this artlice.
  2. ANhissa
    03:58 3 Sep 2013
    Hi,In two weeks time i will be playing Black and Blue for one of my asmsesesnts for music. I love to play it, Though it takes a beating to my lungs. I love the story behind it. But i am also doing a viva voce on Black and Blue and i cant find when you were born ANYWHERE haha. And did someone influence you to compose within this genre? Because i have a feeling I will fail otherwise. Because my music teacher hates me. hahaI performed Black and Blue and i thought i did well and she didnt say one word. and My friends said i was good and it looked like it took alot out of me which it did. I have only been playing saxophone for four years and Black and Blue needs alot of gut behind it haha. So if i could please get your birth date and whether you have someone who influenced you to compose in the genres you do.ThanksJenna