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A brand new fashion film by Ruth Hogben

On 20 and 21 August designer Bart Hess and filmmaker Ruth Hogben united for a live stream. The pair could be seen on camera creating their contribution to our Punk fashion film season. The series' brief asked creatives to embrace the spirit of DIY in punk and create a garment to feature in a film. Inspired by punk's association with metal, Hess built a garment entirely from studs, pins and chains, which was then modelled by brilliant ballet dancer Eric Underwood.

Now, we're thrilled to release an edited process film from the LiveStudio which offers you a chance to relive the creative process from start to finish. Also launching today is Ruth Hogben's final edited Punk film, aptly titled Pins and Needles.

Check out the process film here or visit our Punk project to see Ruth Hogben's brand new fashion film. You can also shop the shoot by snapping up Bart Hess' boots, created live in our studio.