by Penny Martin .

A few of your favourite things!

Antony's records for Readings
Props for Readings
Props for Readings

The shoot is about to begin and I feel a bit like I'm backstage in A Star is Born: cymbals are crashing and bells are ringing, a crazy soundtrack of heraldic flute music is playing over some Eastern chanteuse on the PA, whilst Antony is improvising in the middle of the studio on a grand piano.

The singer has emptied his record box to reveal a preposterous range of esoteric stuff, whilst the props people are dilligently laying out all the instruments and objects mentioned in your audio suggestions. So far, I have managed to identify a conch, water-filled wine glasses, a xylophone, a hairdryer, a gong, a bell, something to make the sound of icon-workshipping, a flute and some bones. But who ordered the dog chew?