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A new Isabella Blow essay by Alex Fury

Our latest Isabella Blow essay is here! The Independent's fashion editor Alex Fury offers up Spinning Yarns, a brilliant exploration of British designers' obsession with telling stories through fashion.

''Who she is, where she lived, how she lived,' is how John Galliano summarised his approach. It’s about play-acting. And, in story-telling terms, our job, as the fashion journalists in the audience, is not to 'see' but to 'read.'' Read more now.

While you're at it, check out other essays in the project. Psychiatrist Simon Kyaga discusses the link between creative genius and madness, while Kiki Georgiou looks at icons. Additionally hat addict Katharine Zarrella muses on Blow's obsession with headwear! Also, stay tuned for more essays - Niamh White will write on muses, while Lou Stoppard will address English eccentricity.