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A new Punk film!

Director Chloe Orefice and stylist Sue-Wen Quek have collaborated on a Punk film! Shit Knit and Other Waste features a hat inspired by the iconic 'Sex' sign created by ex-Central Saint Martins MA show opener Luke Brooks and beautiful visor made by Maiko Takeda! Quek explains, 'To consider rather than be reactive, is punk for me today -  thus the word 'PAUSE' on the visor. I love the cold, alluring quality of Maiko's work and wanted to show that against the recognisable, visually addictive punk aesthetic. The film is a protest against waste and mediocrity.' Orefice adds, 'We made a film about boobs because we could!'

Check out their film now or snap up the featured Pause headpiece, made by Maiko Takeda x Sue-Wen Quek, from SHOWstudio Shop!