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A new Punk film by Helen Bullock!

Today, 10 September, we are proud to release a new film from our Punk series from textile designer and illustrator Helen Bullock

Leaving safety pins and tartan behind, Bullock's film Untitled explores the more explosive reactionary nature of punk. 'I've never felt very represented by the notion of punk that you often see in fashion - and I couldn't find a way out of the stereotypical safety pin and tartan or the glamorised version often adopted,' explains Bullock. 'Looking more at the early days, I started to connect with the aggression, but not necessarily the anger - instead more the explosive reactionary nature. After listening to an interview on Woman's Hour with Oonagh O'Hagan, I got stuck on her comment that punk was a 'massive angry argument in your face.' I loved that physical reference. And equally that it was spoken on Woman's hour - allowing for an association with a more sunny disposition.'

'We were keen for the video to be fast and furious - leaving you feeling part of a whirlwind, some form of physical assault.' continues Bullock. 'Again that aggression coming through in the scribble and the blocking out of images, and mainly within the garment with the subversion of the traditional and quite clean and peaceful textile.'

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