by Carrie Scott .

A river runs through it

Yesterday we not only discovered that the River Tyburn runs under our Bruton place headquarters but we also unearthed a very, very old toilet that seems to tap into the waterway, all of which has left us wondering what other treasures sit within this, the second oldest barn in London (said historic status also uncovered yesterday!). If you happen to know anything about 1-9 Bruton Place - or indeed anything about this particular type of toilet - we'd love to hear your tales.

Alternately, if you're interested in seeing and learning more about the forgotten river take a peak at this likely illegal but brilliant exploration of what lies beneath our feet.

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  1. JonEmmony
    16:42 29 Jun 2011
    What a discovery... makes me want to go on a hunt and see what else I can find around the building Time Team style.