by Laura Bradley .

A step in the right direction

Just when we thought the bi-annual, post-show series of Press Day appointments had come to an end, Penny and I were invited to peruse the Alexander McQueen A-W '06-7 accessories collection, on display at Browns Hotel today. The womenswear line -created in collaboration with Italian designer Gaetano Peroni- was particularly strong and clearly deserved a room (and a day) devoted to the exquisite designs. As a result of yesterday's spectacular anechoic session, we both found it difficult to stop thinking about what kind of noise each substance (including patent, pheasant feathers, snakeskin) would make. That aside, the extensive collection -particularly these cotton trim and tweed buckle detail, leather wedge platforms- provided us with plenty of inspiration for the third instalment of our 'Sound of Clothes' project. More of that later.