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A trip to studio Sibling

SHOWstudio's Neal Bryant and Lou Stoppard swung by Sibling's studio this afternoon to check out Cozette McCreery, Sid Bryan and Joe Bates hard at work in preparation for the Sister by Sibling S/S collection. The pair were recording the sounds of Sibling's knitting machines for a top secret sound project that will be launching in the near future! We've also been working with Mary Katrantzou on the project, and will be paying a visit to Piers Atkinson's studio tomorrow.

While at studio Sibling, Neal and Lou also got to hang out with the gang's marvelous dog Mycroft and saw a sneak preview of the collection - exciting! Stay tuned for more...

If you just can't wait for some Sibling goodness, check out the trio's Fashion Mix!