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A/W 14 Round-up Panels!

We've had a post-fashion week break to reflect on all we've seen in the four major fashion cities, and now Lou Stoppard and a very impresive selection of panelists are back to round up the shows in our signature live panel format! 

Tune in tomorrow 18 March at 11:00 GMT to watch Susanna Lau, Katherine Ormerod and Harriet Walker review New York, followed by a London discussion with Mandi LennardAlex Fury and Camilla Morton at 15:00 GMT. Then on Thursday 19 March prior to our Paris finale with Alex Fury, Harriet Walker, Susannah Frankel and Jo Ann-Furniss at 15:00, Mimma ViglezioHilary Alexander and Richard Gray will be dissecting Milan at 11:00 GMT. 

Watch what are sure to be four extremely animated debates LIVE!