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Acne Studios launch the Capsule Collection in collaboration with Daniel Silver

London-based contemporary artist Daniel Silver, known for his sculptural work launched a fashion line in collaboration with Acne Studios. The collaboration between the artist with the Swedish fashion collective was developed whilst doing a shoot in Daniel's studio for Acne Paper. Jonny Johansson, Acne's creative director, found his use of texture and colour very interesting and was intrigued to see what Daniel's approach to fabric manipulation would look like. 

The Israeli-born artist spent a lot of his childhood moving across Africa, so the overall tribal inspired prints were not a surprising choice for this collection. He wanted to use that aspect of his multi-cultural background and mix it in with the western culture, as he often does in his artwork. Discovering a lot of different fabrics in Dalston, where his studio is based, alongside the dominating African prints Daniel introduced a variety of cloths and fabrics such as tea towels, animal print and tweed in his 'fashion collage'. The painted leather jackets were presented on the sculptural forms and exhibited alongside his other work on the top floor of the Acne store. The jackets and the printed fabrics strongly tie in with his previous exhibitions, in which his sculptures were used to evoke the idea of the transformation of meaning, once a fabric or a cloth is added to an abstract figure.

The Acne x Daniel Silver collaboration is sold exclusively at Acne, Dover Street, London W1 where Silver's work is also exhibited to the public


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