by Neal Bryant .

Aerial Photography - OMCOPTER - Flying RED Epic
SHOWstudio Tech Update

There have been several attempts at attaching cameras to remote controlled helicopters over the past couple of years. This has mainly come out of a desire to capture great aerial shots, but at a percentage of the price of a large crane or actual helicopter, and the rapid development of remote controlled equipment. This experimentation has resulted in the mixture of success, and has often been the end of many cameras and RC helicopters.

However, last year OMSTUDIOS introduced a drone, which allows the RED Epic to be attached to a small helicopter known as an octocopter, which has had some great results. The OMCOPTER allows the RED Epic to reach heights of up to 150 meters without the limitations of a crane or the costs and space implications of an actual helicopter. Due to its movability it is also usable in close range to the subject and provides an agile option to follow a moving subject from all angles. In order to achieve the shots achieved in this video you need to use a highly trained pilot (extremely brave as well considering the costs of the RED Epic), who will have cost implications, but in comparison to the costs of hiring an actual helicopter this becomes far more manageable.

As you can see in both videos the results are very impressive, especially when you consider that there are only two cuts in the second film.

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  1. Angus Girvan
    22:51 19 Feb 2013
    I love stuff like this, it is what makes working in the visual creation industry so interesting.

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