by Niamh White .

Agathe and Seraphine's House by Nick Knight and Dinos Chapman

Dinos Chapman and Nick Knight’s collaboration ‘Agathe and Seraphine’s House’ goes on show today in Gagosian’s Davies Street gallery. Inspired by photographs Chapman found on his daughter’s camera of her own doll’s house and Café Flesh, the surreal porn film by Stephen Sayadian, the final print reveals a dark imaginarium of shadows and seduction. Lily Donaldson appears as the doll in various guises and gowns, she is both playing and played with. Accompanying the piece is a major installation which was used in the making of the piece. It is a life size model of one of the rooms in Agathe and Seraphine’s original house and contains, amongst other things, an enormous purple, polystyrene cat, amputated mannequin limbs and a mammoth baby blue egg crate, all of which sit amidst techni colour lighting and smoke. Looking in on the house, its as though reality is unraveling, and we have been granted a peep hole through Lily’s looking glass. Posters of the piece will be available from the gallery and the first 100 are signed by Dinos and Nick. Garage magazine, which featured the piece earlier this month will also be on sale. The show runs until Wednesday 21st September.