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Alek Wek on Herb Ritts

Alek Wek is the latest supermodel to share her experience of creating an iconic image as part of our Subjective interview series. 

Revisiting a Herb Ritts image taken very early on in her career in the late nineties, Wek goes into depth on the importance of knowing oneself, trusting the team around her and having a moral code, as well as the details of the shoot itself. Having emigrated from South Sudan only years earlier, Wek was unaware of Ritts' work and the industry in general. 'It was very overwhelming at the beginning with all of those circumstances… but the one thing I said to myself is if, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do this because I want to be accepted for the woman I am… and not as somebody else!'' she explains to Nick Knight.

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