by SHOWstudio .

Alex Fury's couture Tumblr curation
1 - 7 July 2013

At the beginning of every month, SHOWstudio hands over complete creative control of our Tumblr page for seven days. Last month saw SHOWstudio director Nick Knight put punk imagery in the spotlight and this month we are very excited to announce that July sees SHOWstudio alumni Alex Fury curate couture!

Fury muses 'Couture is a different world. It’s a world without price tags, without price limits. Its a world where a couture house stakes a tent in the middle of a French national monument to show their clothes - because, in France, couture itself is a national monument'

Fury's curation will follow the couture shows as they happen. Images, videos and quotes will be uploaded in real-time, to give you an enriched insight into the day's couture shows. Schiaparelli, Christian Dior and Giorgio Armani are among the couture greats that SHOWstudio Tumblr will be featuring. Throughout the next week, Fury will be posting images of his own ‘greatest hits’ from each fashion house, alongside a few uploaded live from the frontline.

Don't miss out on this very special couture curation, kicking off today, Monday 1 July.


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  1. CA
    20:57 7 Jul 2013
    im coming up to my final collection at university, what, in your opinion, makes a good final collection?