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Alex Fury's very fashionable Fashion Mix is now up!

Today's playlist focuses on the 'fashion' in Fashion Mix, with a tribute from SHOWstudio Fashion Director Alexander Fury to his favourite catwalk soundtracks of the past twenty years. Complied from first-hand experience and obsessive teenage fashion fandom, the tracks run the gauntlet from Whitney Houston's haunting I Will Always Love You as opener to John Galliano's first 'Princess and the Pea' haute couture collection for Givenchy in January 1996, to modern soundtracks for the likes of Lanvin, Marc Jacobs and Giles. Fury by name, furious by nature, his mix is perfect for getting your power strut on - make like a model and sashay down the runway (or around your bedroom) to these cult classics.

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    11:04 28 Feb 2012
    she is really a tribute legend of fashion......