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Alexander Fury offers an ode to the great Mrs Prada

Following Rebecca Gonsalves’ Ugly essay exploring the impacts of social media and street style on the fashion industry, SHOWstudio’s Ugly series takes a turn back to its origins. The project was inspired by Miuccia Prada’s statement that, ‘ugly is attractive, ugly is exciting. Maybe because it is newer’ and this new essay is the natural product of its nexus. Prada obsessive and sharp tongued wordsmith Alexander Fury lucidly interprets Mrs Prada’s 'glorification of the anti, the counter and the ugly.'

Fury explores Prada’s unique and ‘illogical’ approach to design, describing her signature as ‘psychological rather than physical’. 'Like the surrealists before her, she questions our subconscious desires. That sounds like heavy weight cant to throw around a frock-monger, but Prada’s glorification of the anti, the counter and the ugly, is fundamentally about making us desire what received opinion deems undesirable’, explains Fury.

Read the essay now or explore the series as a whole!