by Alexander Fury .

Alice Hawkins A/W 2010 fashion film launched!

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The idea for our latest fashion film editorial for the A/W 2010 season - created by photographer and filmmaker Alice Hawkins - came to us in a flash at the Paris shows. Watching these polished, preened and terribly, terribly French women stride down the catwalk at Loewe, Yves Saint Laurent, Celine and the rest, one couldn't help but think - who is her British equivalent? Are we a nation without an aspirational female role-model encapsulating that slightly too impeccable upper-middle-class chic of the late sixties and early seventies? Then it struck us. If Séverine Serizy is the French ideal, her English counterpart must surely be Margot Leadbetter, heroine of the seminal British sitcom The Good Life.

We turned to acclaimed photographer Alice Hawkins to crystallise this idea, and Hawkins in turn turned to a bevy of real-life British women, photographed in their homes in Kimi O'Neill's selection from next season's finest. Aptly titled The Good Life - after all, that's what these women are living - Hawkins' film is an affectionate and tongue-in-cheek portrait of our quintessentially English class-consciousness, framed by next season's key sartorial statements. A heartfelt homage to social climbers everywhere.

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  1. someonegreat
    14:56 26 Nov 2010
    THIS is stupendous!! So stunning.