by Laura Bradley .

Alice Springs

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We are ardent supporters of photographer Alice Hawkins so it gave us great pleasure to go and support her at last night's opening of her latest exhibition 'The Good, The Bad, The Belle' at Spring Projects. Following her recent successful debut solo show at the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art in Sunderland, Spring's exhibition pulls together the work of two artists: a selection of Alice's audacious images created since her graduation in 2002, sit alongside artist Barnaby Barford's kitsch ceramic figurines. Alice's showcase incorporates many of her trademark sitters such as Playboy Bunnies, Miss East Anglia competitors, Russian society women, Blackpool showgirls as well as her infamous 'I Heart Nick Knight' self-portrait.

Nick first came across Alice's work when he was judging The Independent's Photography Competition in 2003; her photographs of emblems shaved into pubic hair scored her the runners-up prize. Alice's work (and her infectious personality) has since continued to captivate the SHOWstudio team resulting in her contributing to a number of projects over the past seven years. Capturing pole-dancers with our camera-phone in 2003; adopting fantasy identities created for her by members of the team in Alice's Adventures; documenting her trip to Las Vegas in 2004; creating a number of striking film shorts and ringing Page Three models during her slot on our Fashion DJs broadcast.

We luckily managed to secure a few moments with the ever-obliging photographer before she went off to greet her many supporters including friends, family, past collaborators and previous sitters (yes, the Page Three lovelies!). Surely the greatest advert for her art, with her perfectly coiffured hair, shocking pink, diamante encrusted coat, acrylic nails and leopard print clutch, witness Alice discussing her collaboration with Barnaby Barford, her inspirations, where she sources her models and her love of Dolly Parton.

'The Good, The Bad, The Belle' runs at Spring Projects until 5 April.