by Christabel Stewart .

All My Clothes

Bas Jan Ader left a powerful legacy for performance and action-based art. According to critic Richard Dorment this photograph, 'All My Clothes' recalls an affecting biographical moment: the frantic actions of his own mother when given 15 minutes to prepare for detainment by the German Army during WWII resulted in her flinging her clothes out of the windows. A sense of sorrow and failure mark much of Jan Ader's practice, culminating in his final grand performance to sail the Atlantic in a small boat, pre-titled 'In Search of the Miraculous', which ended in his actual disappearance. A current exhibition at London's Camden Art Centre presents an intelligent look at his poignant works, often performances documented in films and photographs. Starting this evening there will be a reinterpretation of his 'Light vulnerable objects threatened by eight cement bricks' from 1970, a durational piece that will inch towards its gravitaional conclusion over the next five days.