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All The Girls Together

Today's shoot at the Live Studio space within our SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution exhibition has now ended, as has our live stream. Here's Nick's final shot of the day featuring all four girls, with make-up by Pat McGrath and hair by Duffy. Sign up to the SHOWstudio Twitter feed for details of upcoming live shoots.


  1. OLgASaLAJkOvA
    18:37 10 Oct 2009
    I was watching it, it was great!! Thank you Nick))
  2. nickknight
    17:40 11 Oct 2009
    My pleasure Olinkas.
    I am trying to get better camera angles and better sound as this Live shoots are not yet living up to my desires for them, so please keep coming and telling me what you think.
    best wishes ,
  3. nickknight
    17:41 11 Oct 2009
    P.S. Weren't the models great?!
  4. OLgASaLAJkOvA
    22:35 11 Oct 2009
    Hi Nick,
    I am trying to get in your studio as an assistant for few years and thx to the camera I could spend all Friday with you))
    It would be great to wear a port that we can hear you better, but I am happy with the camera.
    Models were not only beautiful, easy going but also very professional.I also like the selection of colors 3:1. The chocolate skin did very well with white( great graphical effect).
    thank you Olga))
  5. RichardWright
    04:49 12 Oct 2009
    Hi Nick. Would it be possible to have a small camera inserted in your head, perhaps at the "third eye" position, so that we can see exactly what you are seeing, framing etc...? Or something implanted in or behind your retinas with a 24 hour permanent live Wi-Fi feed? Or is that asking too much? You could ask for donations for the operations??
    On a more realistic level I hope you will sort out more cameras, better angles, closer coverage ( in the meantime a zoom on the fixed camera?). Couldnt really see anything on this shoot Nick...
    Interactive screens\windows to click between your view, models view , and view of computer screen for shots as they upload would, lovely!?