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Amanda Harlech's theatrical vision

Dressed in a specially-created silk gauze kimono and petticoat, Amanda Harlech is arguably our most well-prepared - and undoubtedly our most theatrical - sitter to date. Aided and abetted by her daughter, Tallulah, Harlech devised her own fantasy Oriental ritual for the delight of Nick Knight's camera: part meiko make-up session, part Kabuki theatre. Here are a few screengrabs captured from our live stream of Amanda in inimitable action!

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  1. GalileosUniverse
    19:26 18 Dec 2009
    BEAUTIFUL! She really knows how to make the best of it ! REALLY REFRESHING to see someone transforming her unordinary moment into a most unordinary sitting of the 100 or so of all sorts of the so called creative and very entertaining ' glitterati ' :)