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An Evening with Simon de Pury: Saturday@Phillips

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After a highly successful campaign in New York, Saturday@Phillips launched the inaugural quarterly auctions in style this evening, with an event hosted by auctioneer guru and chairman Simon de Pury at the Phillips de Pury and company gallery, Victoria. The launch consisted of an amazing display of contemporary art, photography, design, jewellery and Japanese toys from the twentieth and twenty first century, by artists such as Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Leif Sigersen, Christo and Verner Paton.

Although the event was held in a bid to lure the younger generation to the art of auction, they were clearly out numbered by experienced collectors, causing de Pury to shorten his workshop, addressing the audience as 'looking like you need no introduction to auctioning at all.' None the less it gave astute art lovers a taste for what Saturday@Phillips is about: Quality art at affordable prices. And with prices starting from £50 who could resist?

de Pury focused on tearing down borders that exist between genres of art and the importance of looking at art as a whole. He used his own love of music as an example, and discussed the company's plans to use the exhibition space as a venue where musicians can showcase their music in a similar way that up and coming artists can exhibit their artwork.

If the quality of the gigs planned at the gallery replicates the complementary CD given away at the reception this evening, we are in for a treat! The first Saturday@Phillips auction will take place March 15, the collection is available to view now at Phillips de Pury Company 9 Howick Place, London. For more information visit