by Lou Stoppard .

An ode to Fitzgerald - Gatz at the Noel Coward Theatre

Fans of the roaring twenties are in luck this season. The catwalks were awash with beaded gowns, neat cloche hats and jazz-worthy pumps. It's set to be Spring/Summer's greatest trend - a friend to high class fashionistas and micro flapper dress-clad night-clubbers across the globe. Everyone from Osman to Gucci got in on the act. Ralph Lauren showed sequined prom-ready looks, fit for spoiled daughters and would-be debutantes. Similarly Emporio Armani offered some natty monochrome pieces, perfect for making a sophisticated nod to historical dressing.

It's all very apt. The twenties were a time of upheaval and uncertainty - fallout from the war, financial collapse, gender unrest, social turmoil - a state of play that's comparable to the world's current trials and tribulations. This age also saw the birth of fast fashion - where mass-production methods and new disposable incomes democratised clothing for the first time. Link that to today, where fashion's snapped up just as the models stomp out onto the catwalk, and high street retailers are churning out the new season looks before you can say 'knock-off Celine' and the twenties seem eerily familiar. Perhaps that's why we're all going gaga for Gatsby-style fun and frivolous fashions. A nice bit of sartorial escapism to help these bleak financial traumas swing by in style.

Daisy Buchanan wannabees can get also their fix off the runway. A plethora of Great Gatsby re-makes, odes and tributes are in the pipeline. But forget the forthcoming Hollywood film - starring good-old Leo DiCaprio and the poster girl of retro cinema Carey Mulligan - here at SHOWstudio we're more excited about Gatz, the eight hour (yes that's right - eight hour) play which contains each and every single word of the original book in full. Coming soon to the Noel Coward Theatre, the play sells itself as 'not a retelling of the Gatsby story but an enactment of the novel itself.' We say, why not? SHOWstudio has always championed the process behind fashion, and what could be a more true to this than a committed tribute to every word of the book that has informed the way we'll all be dressing this season?

Who wants a mere mock flapper dress or an edited movie remake when you can lap up every morsel of Fitzgerald's finest word for word? Work the twenties trend the informed way! Stylish.

For Gatz tickets and more information head over to the Gatz London website.

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  1. Dio
    09:17 22 Oct 2012
    Thank you so much for posting my video! Your blog is fatitsnac! Please let me know if there are any more styles you would like to see and I would be glad to make a video. Vintage styling is my favorite! Thanks again, -Tara (of thriftycreations)