by Andrew Gow .

Ann-Sofie Back

Back's shadey cape
Back's new shoulder
Hard and pink

Some interesting proposals at Ann-Sofie Back’s show this evening: a new rectilinear shoulder that is constructed as a vertical ridge from a padded-out armscye - the latter in evidence in some of Deryck Walker’s structured shirts this afternoon. While some thought it reminiscent of Margiela, structurally there was very little similarity. Back’s new solution for the pant fly was innovative and sexy: an improvised gathering of fabric folded coarsely to one side dipping the waistline to reveal a flash of abdomen.

Waistbands, necklines and shoulder straps were padded out with volumised facings and elbow pads found their way into gloves and nude leggings. All the pads and folds were not so much used decoratively as to create nodes of the silhouette. Gauze dome capes rested like cheese cloches down to the midriff and of course, then there were the sunglass lens tops which picked up the light magnificently and look set to hold their own in any editorial.


  1. GalileosUniverse
    07:55 18 Sep 2007
    ....that dress is the pink of condition !!...
  2. Winter
    06:52 8 Apr 2013
    Ivan, I am listening to your ivrteniew on CBC Spark . you motivate me to dust off something I started several years ago Piezoelectrically actuated Carbon Fibre Fingers. Essentially an electrically moveable sock made from 3D stitched fabric with integrally woven actuation filaments all embedded in an elastomeric matrix. External LiPo power cell. There are no internal mechanical structures so the form will be light and water proof. The problem is the interface with available nerve endings in order to signal/ control the actuators, I have absolutely no idea on the interface opportunities.Something to think about ..Robert