by Alexander Fury .

Ann-Sofie's G-Spot

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Ann-Sofie Back always has an unusual slant on the more usual themes of fashion: her idea of 'lingerie-detailing' consisted of the kind of thong flashing much favoured by every D-list celebrity - although Ann-Sofie worked them in as ironic detailing on a hem, shoulder, or here into a whole garment. The tricksy g-string touches, although extreme in concept, came across as delicate, subtle and even commercial, espcially when combined with her 'off-duty' crumpled boyfriend-style tailoring, no doubt the selling core of the collection. Elsewhere, pixellated 'Heat' and 'OK!' slogans underlined her celebrity-fodder inspiration. Such a strong theme can often come across as slapdash, but Back's knowing irony and witty interpretations pulled the bad taste just the right side of good.